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How Adam's struggle with PTSD led him to Stody House - Armed Forces Day 2024


Armed Forced Day 2024

This year, to celebrate Armed Forces Day on June 29th, we’re sharing the story of one of our housing tenants from Manchester – who was referred to us and has taken the opportunities he’s been given to make the most of his life after his service.

Adam’s Story

Adam is 37, and is Manchester born and bred. He is living in a Nacro housing project for people who have been in the armed forces.

He is helped by Joanna, his support worker. Before coming to Stody House he was in the armed forces for six and a half years, serving in both Afghanistan and Iraq.

After returning to the UK, Adam experienced PTSD, and the flat he returned to was difficult to upkeep because of his struggle with mental health, leading to him losing his home, sofa surfing, and then eventually living on the streets. He desperately needed help but he kept slipping through the net. After some time, Adam was sectioned.

This led to him being given the support he needed from a charity called Veterans, they were able to help him find accommodation with Nacro.

Now, Adam is in a much more positive place, he’s sorting out his finances, seeing a psychiatrist and hoping to get back into work once he’s been given the all clear from his medical team.

How does Nacro support ex-service personnel

We know that life after the forces can be challenging. We understand that in some cases those challenges can lead to homelessness, substance misuse, and involvement in crime.

We are proud to support people who’ve served in the armed forces. As a signatory of the Armed Forces Covenant, we are committed to working with ex-service personnel to put in place the right support for them.

Our dedicated supported housing schemes in Manchester and Salford help residents to access the support they need to recover from physical, mental or social injury following their time in service. We work in collaboration with Walking with the Wounded to deliver cognitive psychological services, access to employment and training opportunities.