If you want to give back to your local community, volunteering with us can be a great way to do so. You can help in one of our services in your local area such as our education centres, work with young people or adults who are gaining independent living skills, or if you’re based near London you can volunteer at our Resettlement Advice Service helpline on criminal records issues.

Volunteering with us gives you the chance to use your knowledge to meet and help others in your community, build your skills and improve your CV.

How you can get involved

Employer-supported volunteering

Employer supported volunteering (ESV) is a way for employers and companies to give something back to the community while improving the working lives of staff at the same time. You and your co-workers could help at your local Nacro service on a one-off or regular basis. Ask your boss about volunteering through work.

Volunteering opportunities

To find opportunities in your local area, search our services here.

You can also sign up to do-it.org.