Some of the most vulnerable members of our society are not getting the help they need.

Poor mental health, inadequate education, drug and alcohol addiction, low incomes and lack of affordable and secure housing can all contribute to a life of chaos and hardship that can be very hard to move on from.

We know that most people who come to us for help have a range of needs, not just one. We also know that, with the right support and guidance, people can be empowered to turn their lives around and move on to a future of success and independence.

We change lives and strengthen communities.

You can help.


Major gifts

Our society needs you to invest in lasting social change.

We work on pioneering projects and services that allow us to develop better responses to the challenges created by poverty and social injustice, calling on our expertise developed over 50 years. Our objectives are:

  • To add value to our statutory-funded projects – ensuring that we can go further to meet the needs of our beneficiaries and enabling sustainable impact
  • Local innovation to develop local services that respond to specific needs within a community
  • Research that helps us to respond to emerging needs or find more effective ways to deal with existing need. It also gives us a powerful and informed standpoint from which to launch our campaigns
  • To pilot new approaches, which are rolled out more widely if successful.

If you would like to get involved, contact us today.