We work in partnership with a range of funders, housing and community support providers to bring about the best solutions for commissioners and service users.


We believe that homelessness and rough sleeping is unacceptable. While we welcome the Homelessness Reduction Act which gives local authorities broader duties, it can only work if we have a national drive to increase the supply and range of affordable housing for people in vulnerable or low income groups. During 2018 we intend to scale up our efforts to influence change on the causes of homelessness and on the delivery of solutions. We will work with a wide range of participants and are pleased to be members of the Homes for Cathy initiative led by housing associations.

As part of the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government Homelessness Prevention Trailblazer programme, Nacro is partnering with Crisis and Essex County Council to develop a pilot project in Essex. This will test the design, delivery and impact of the new duties under the Homelessness Reduction Act 2017, to prevent and relieve homelessness among people with offending histories. One of the aims of the pilot is to test the early implementation of the duty to refer within the Act before it comes into force in October 2018. It will help us to understand better the role that criminal justice agencies play in preventing homelessness at an early stage. The pilot also aims to identify what else works to prevent homelessness under the Act within a criminal justice context. Learnings from the pilot will help to inform Ministry of Justice policy, and the future design and delivery of justice contracts and commissioning.


Our new countywide Essex Young People’s Partnership (commenced June 2017) delivered in partnership with Family Mosaic provides an innovative accommodation and support pathway for young people particularly those aged 16 and 17, as well as care leavers and vulnerable parents. The partnership is informed by the ‘St Basils Positive Pathway’, a national framework introduced in 2015 in order to help local authorities and their partners effectively prevent homelessness and promote better outcomes for 16 to 25 year olds.

Stody House is a service for ex-servicemen and women in Manchester provided by Nacro in collaboration with Walking With The Wounded (WWTW) and Mosscare Housing. At Stody House, Nacro works collaboratively with other service providers to deliver cognitive psychological and social rehabilitation services, access to employment and training opportunities to support the residents to re-build their lives.

Our Stockport Targeted Prevention Alliance includes providers such as Stockport Homes, Threshold Housing, Age UK, Relate, and local provider FLAG, has been awarded a three-year contract with a total value of £4.5 million. providing early help and preventative support for a wide range of individuals or households who may be vulnerable for any reason related to their health, wellbeing or circumstances. The service works with people and their families and/or carers who need information, advice or guidance to access housing, education, employment support and health services and community information/resources; live more independently; manage long-term conditions; improve their health and wellbeing; overcome or manage mental health issues; deal with substance misuse issues; manage mobility better; address multiple or complex needs and improve their family and community relationships.

In Liverpool we are part of the Accommodation Based Support Consortia (ABSC) delivering services for High Risk and Homeless individuals. ABSC is  a collective of organisations with a shared experience of supporting marginalised groups in Liverpool spanning nearly 500 years. With a wealth of experience in supporting service users to increased independence and recording and reporting on move-on rates, acceptance rates and throughput levels. The Consortia includes: LYMCA, Local Solutions, Nacro, NWPC, Nugent Care, New Start and Plus Dane who individually have extensive experience of providing housing related support.

As part of Lambeth’s Pathway Model, Latch House offers 24-hour support and short stay housing for 15 poly drug users with complex needs, plus nine second stage units for those who no longer require 24-hour supported housing. Nacro has worked in partnership with Blenheim CDP for a number of years delivering specialist drugs programme interventions onsite. We now also work closely with the Integrated Offender Manager Team and a range of other statutory and voluntary services in the community using an holistic approach, individually and in groups, to address the issues such as substance misuse, recovery, offending, antisocial behaviour and relationship issues.

Nacro is the lead provider of the Lincolnshire Support Partnership (LSP), which provides accommodation with support to young people aged 16 and 17 across all districts of Lincolnshire. The partnership is made up of Nacro, subcontracting to Axiom and LEAP. LSP provides housing and support for young people aged 16 and 17, care leavers, young people with complex needs and young parents for up to 12 months to help them return home to their family or to move on to more independent accommodation.

In the north east, partnering and funding from the Virgin Money Foundation we have launched a highly successful service in Teesside and now embarking on another in Durham.

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