Our work goes beyond the individual – it focuses on families and whole communities too. We work with families to bring families closer together and to bring families closer to their communities. Our interventions are designed to stop antisocial behaviour, improve relationships and raise aspirations.

Stockport The Prevention Alliance

The Prevention Alliance (TPA) provides early help and preventative support for a wide range of vulnerable people and households in the borough, and is commissioned by Stockport Council as part of their Preventative Strategy. The service aims to prevent, reduce and delay the number of times people present to more formal services by giving them the solutions and support to self manage.

Lincolnshire Homeless Families

We provide furnished properties that are of good quality for Homeless Families on a temporary basis whilst The City of Lincoln Council processes their homelessness application.  All properties are furnished with the flexibility of providing family accommodation or single occupancy.  This service offers flexible low levels of support according to the individual household’s need that enables them to move-on as quickly as possible into permanent or alternative accommodation.  This is done through identifying the needs at referral stage in collaboration with Housing Options, the household and support worker.

Nacro Homes Agency (NHA)

Nacro Homes Agency provides a bespoke service aimed at meeting the needs of vulnerable individuals and families at the time when they need it the most. Our NHA service in Teesside which provides stable, good quality accommodation and assistance for vulnerable women and families fleeing domestic abuse identifies suitable properties and matches these with the unique requirements of each individual and family as far as is possible. For example, if children are settled within a particular school, and a move would have implications upon their well-being, especially if the family has already moved on a number of occasions, the service will support the family to secure local accommodation.  If clients wish to be closer to family members, the service strives to enable this, so that clients can feel comfortable, safe and supported in their new environment. Although this may not always be possible, the service endeavours to achieve this.