We work in places and communities to ensure that disadvantaged young people and adults can be active and productive citizens. Experts at providing accommodation, support, wellbeing and community outreach services along with Matrix-accredited information, advice and guidance, we use innovative approaches and service user engagement to model our services and our staff are trained in the Design Council approach. This helps a wide range of people to change their lives, build their resilience and reach their aspirations.

We believe that homelessness and rough sleeping is unacceptable. While we welcome the Homelessness Reduction Act which gives local authorities broader duties, it can only work if we have a national drive to increase the supply and range of affordable housing for people in vulnerable or low income groups. During 2018 we intend to scale up our efforts to influence change on the causes of homelessness and on the delivery of solutions. We will work with a wide range of participants and are pleased to be members of the Homes for Cathy initiative led by housing associations.

Our support and wellbeing service includes helping people to develop skills, to participate in meaningful activity and employment, to take responsibility for their overall health and relationships with people, and to be active members of communities. We refer service users to our high quality education services.

We are an experienced prime contractor that delivers complex services for commissioners and offers sub-contractors a collaborative approach to partnership. See our thinking on better commissioning in the current climate.

Safety is fundamental to our work. The Director of Housing and Wellbeing leads our national safeguarding strategy and we take the health and safety of residents in their homes very seriously. See our health and safety compliance at Housing and Education centres.

Who we work with

Our policy work

Nacro works to influence change to reduce the significant barriers that some of our service users face in accessing and maintaining housing, in achieving their aspirations and in being self reliant, connected members of communities. Major areas of interest for us at the moment include:

  • how disadvantaged young people and adults can become part of local inclusive growth
  • homelessness and solutions to support local authorities with the Homelessness Reduction Act
  • housing for young people and others caught in the poverty trap
  • housing to improve health and offending outcomes

Contact Rachel Annison to join up on our policy and influencing work.