We are keen to receive your feedback and learn from the information we receive. We have clear procedures in place for any complaints and this information will be made available to you through your housing support worker or staff team and will be in the handbook you receive when you come to Nacro. If you are not sure how to make a complaint ask your support worker or staff team.

Access your local service to make a complaint. Search local housing services here.

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To make a comment about our Education services, please email us.

Resettlement Advice Service

The Resettlement Advice Service is committed to providing a high-quality service to everybody we interact with. To achieve this, we need your feedback. We therefore openly welcome suggestions and ideas, compliments and complaints. We promise to listen to and to deal with any matters quickly and confidentially.


Every year we advise thousands of individuals on a broad range of issues. It is really useful for us to know what works well and what does not. Feedback helps us to ensure we continually review and improve the delivery of our service.

To make a comment about our Resettlement Advice Service, please email us.

How to make a complaint

Stage 1 (initial contact)

In the first instance you can raise your complaint with any member of staff on the Resettlement Advice Service. Tell us what the problem is and our staff will do their best to resolve the issue straight away.

If you are not satisfied with the initial response you receive, or if your complaint is about one of the advisers, you can proceed to stage 2.

Stage 2 (investigation stage)

If your complaint has not been resolved at stage 1, or if your complaint is about an adviser on the Resettlement Advice Service, you should contact the service director, Helen Dyson. Your complaint will be acknowledged within five working days of the date of receipt and you will receive a full written response from Helen within ten working days. If your complaint is going to take longer than this to resolve, Helen will write to you to inform you of this and advise you when you can expect to receive a detailed reply.

Once investigated, we will write to you to inform you of the outcome of your complaint, and the reasons behind any decisions taken.

If you are not happy with this response you can proceed to stage 3. You can let us know that you wish to proceed to stage 3 by telephone, in writing or by indicating on your satisfaction feedback slip (which will be included with your stage 2 complaint outcome letter).

Stage 3 (appeal stage)

At the appeal stage, and if all other stages have been worked through, your complaint will be considered by the service director, Helen Dyson, who will investigate and review the circumstances and the conclusions that were reached. Helen will inform you of the outcome of his review and any decisions taken within 20 working days.

Stage 3 is the final stage. It may be that under certain circumstances, the service director will involve our chief executive officer. However, the decision of the service director is final and no further review or appeal process is available.

Health and Justice

To make a comment about our Health or Justice services, please email us.

The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS)

We are covered by the FOS. You can get in touch with them free of charge, if you feel that Nacro have not dealt with your complaint fairly. If your complaint is something the FOS can help with, we will provide details of how to refer your complaint to it.

Although there are time limits for referring your complaint to the FOS, we will consent to them considering your complaint even if you refer the complaint outside the time limits.

Taking a complaint to the FOS will not affect your legal rights.

Contact details

Financial Ombudsman Service
Exchange Tower
E14 9SR

0300 1239123
0800 0234567


You can find more information about the FOS on its website: www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk

Compliments, comments and complaints policy

See our Have your say form here.

See our Compliments, comments and complaints policy here.