Nacro has helped me a lot to get into employment.

What course is best for me?

We want you to enjoy your time at Nacro and be successful in what you do. To make sure you can do that, we’ll give you advice about which courses you can do. We’ll help you work out which level suits you best too.

When do courses start?

You can normally start at any time of year, but it’s best to check with your local Nacro centre.

Do I have to pay anything?

Courses are free for most learners.

What financial support can I get?

16-19 Bursary & Free Meals – Click here to find out more. 

What tuition Support can I get?

16-19 Tuition fund 2021/2022 – Click here to find out more.

How are courses assessed?

It depends on the course. Most of the time there’s an assignment, an exam or both.

Do I need any experience before starting?

You don’t need any qualifications or previous experience. You can start at any level that suits you and then move on to other levels. To start a level 2 course, you will need to be working at level 1 in your English and Maths. We also expect you to show an interest in a subject of your choice.

Can you help me find a work placement?

At Nacro, we’re all about getting you ready for work. Our centres offer work placed traineeships to learners under the age of 24. As a trainee, you can spend up to six months on a work placement that may lead to a job.

Who can I contact if I need help?

Any of the tutors at your centre will listen to your needs and offer you help. If you have personal matters you’re worried about, you can talk to one of our safeguarding officers. You will find their contact details displayed in the centre.

How do I apply for a course?

If you’d like to join one of our courses, contact your local Nacro centre. For a list of our courses and which centres offer them, click here.