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Childcare Level 2

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Course overview

Get Set! to start your journey into the world of childcare with Nacro Education Spalding.

If you’re thinking about a career working with children, looking for something a bit different from mainstream college, and still want a nationally recognised qualification, our Get Set! for Childcare (Children’s Play, Learning, and Development) Level 2 is a great place to start.

Crafted alongside industry experts, our Childcare Level 2 course will give you a broad introduction into the childcare sector.

Through work experience, practical lessons in small, personalised classes and one-to-one support we take you through the basics of childcare and show you how to make learning fun, keep children safe and involve them in group activities.

Giving you the transferable skills and knowledge, you need to start your career, progress onto further levels of study, or pursue an apprenticeship. At the end of the course, you’ll have the hands-on experience and confidence you need to take your next step.

What will I learn?

At Nacro Education Spalding, we let you learn in your way, at your pace. On Get Set! for Childcare (Children’s Play, Learning, and Development) Level 2 you will learn about how children grow and develop, and the importance of play.

Over the course you will gain knowledge of safeguarding, inclusive practice and how to empower children. You will learn theory alongside practical lessons where you will get hands-on experience of childcare activities such as messy play and baking.

This course has been purposely designed to give students a broad introduction into these sectors, equipping you with the transferable knowledge and employability skills you need.

You will be awarded the qualification following successful completion of the units through a portfolio of evidence.


As part of your Childcare (Children’s Play, Learning and Development) Level 2 course,
you will cover a range of modules designed to develop your knowledge and skills and give you’re the confidence to take the next step. By completing these modules, you will be able to gain an industry recognised certification. These include:

• Unit 1: patterns of child development. You will gain an understanding of how children are expected to develop and learn, how learning and development can be impacted and how we can support it.
• Unit 2: we look at how play promotes development and how you can use play in your future career.
• Unit 3: we learn about the importance of inclusive practice, why each child must be valued and supported as an individual, without discrimination and the impact on the child and their family if inclusive practice is not implemented.

As part of your Get Set! Childcare (Children’s Play, Learning and Development) Level 2 course, you will also complete your GCSE English and/or maths, depending on whether you have achieved a grade 4 or above.


At Nacro Education Spalding, we use a variety of assessment methods to ensure you achieve the Childcare Level 2 qualification.

Modules are assessed in the form of practical tasks or written exams. Assessments will be marked, and students will get the feedback from the childcare teacher and a chance to address issues. Your teacher will go through all this when you sign up for the course.

Work experience

Our Get Set! courses give you the opportunity to gain real-world experience working in local businesses alongside the learning you’ll do at Nacro Education.

For Childcare Level 2, you will have the chance to experience working in a local business, alongside the learning you’ll do at college. This could be for a week period or shorter visits.
You will be given help to find a suitable placement and supported while working there, meaning you’ll leave with something impressive to add to your CV, as well as gaining practical experience and skills.

Enrichment opportunities

Enrichment activities allow you to gain valuable extra-curricular experiences that enable you to stand out on your CV. As part of all our Get Set! courses, you will be involved in a variety of enrichment opportunities which are on offer through the year, including:

• Email writing and communication skills.
• CV writing and interview practice.
• Job research.

For the Childcare Level 2 course, we offer a wide range of childcare-related enrichment activities, including trips to the beach, a forest school, baking and messy play. These provide a practical experience where we can put theory into practice.

We will also welcome professional guest speakers over the course of the year to offer advice on employment, to help raise awareness of drugs, safeguarding and other issues that will enhance your knowledge and help you prepare for the future.

Career and progression

After successfully passing this course, you will have core knowledge to progress to a higher-level qualification and to move forward towards your chosen career.

Once you have completed your Childcare (Children’s Play, Learning and Development) Level 2 course, you will be able to progress onto the Childcare Level 3 course, or apply for an apprenticeship within childcare. After Level 3, you will be qualified to work in a childcare setting and start your future career.

What makes our Get Set! courses different?

Each Get Set! course at Nacro Spalding Education Centre is designed to accelerate your learning and enable you to identify and make progress towards your aspirations. We combine vocational learning with essential English and mathematics qualifications, enriching experiences and workplace encounters to equip you for career success.

Nacro Education Get Set! course image

Our Childcare Level 2 course at Spalding has been crafted to enable you to:

  • Develop industry-specific skills through hands on vocational training.
  • Improve your English, maths, and digital literacy to strengthen your foundations for work and life*.
  • Participate in a range of work experience and employment opportunities to gain insight and additional knowledge.
  • Gain vital skills for the workplace including communication, problem solving, teamworking, interview practice and CV writing.
  • Participate in a range of activities, opportunities, team collaboration challenges and educational site visits that enable personal development through real experiences.

*GCSE/Functional Skills English and maths are only required if you haven’t already gained a level 4 or above.

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