To Nacro Middlesbrough.

Just wanted to share a few words of appreciation for the work your staff and your organisation do to support our sometimes very challenging young people. We certainly value the way the youth offending service and Nacro work closely together (and have done so over many years). Nacro has always made us feel very welcome and allows us to just turn up with young people in tow to be shown around, with young people being interviewed and given a start date all at very short notice. This allows us to quickly get young people into training and together we overcome any challenges the young people may have.

With the more difficult young people, we value the extra opportunities these young people are given – sometimes second, third or even fourth chances – so that when the time is right, they will engage. We appreciate the co-ordinated approach we have with Nacro in preparing for young people to come out of custody too.

From my experience, and from what young people tell us, they enjoy their learning experience at Nacro and especially enjoy the ‘hands on’ learning rather than spending many hours sitting in a classroom.

Thanks for all your help and support.