It wasn’t until Laura from Nacro came to be my support worker that I actually started getting my life back on track.

When I was 16 I was kicked out of my family home, because I didn’t get on with my stepdad and because I didn’t listen to my mum.

Eventually I came to Nacro supported housing, but I wasn’t very settled at all. Like at home with my mum, I didn’t listen to any of the staff and I just did what I wanted.

I got into a lot of debt through rent arrears, it just kept building up. Eventually I told myself I needed to knuckle down, because I didn’t want to be in Nacro housing forever, I wanted to live by myself.

I started doing more hours in the hair salon, to try and up my wage, but it was really hard – the more you work, the less help you get with your rent and the more you pay.

I found myself in a circle where I was trying to make things better but it wasn’t really helping.

It wasn’t until Laura from Nacro came to be my support worker that I actually started listening to people, and I ended up paying off my debts.

I’ve had a lot of support workers, I think Laura’s my 5th. Up ‘til then it had been really hard for me to get settled, open up, and get out of rent arrears.

It wasn’t easy but I worked hard and I paid off my debts, which meant I could be nominated for a flat outside Nacro. I didn’t think it was going to be doable, but it was.

Since I’ve moved out Laura’s helped me get it all into order: she’s helped me get bills up to scratch and stay positive, even though it’s been hard – especially with council tax, they are a bugger!

It’s scary knowing it’s coming to the end of the time I’m allowed to have a support worker. It’s nerve-wracking knowing I’m not going to have that support to fall back on, but really that’s all I’m worried about – I feel ready to go on. Knowing that I’ve been in Nacro and with their support I’ve come out the other end and actually got somewhere, that’s really inspiring.

Watch Kamila tell her story in this video: