When David was referred to Nacro Housing Association, he was suffering from severe OCD and mental health issues.

David’s lived through a number of heart-breaking situations, and at 17 he came to Nacro Housing Association via a mental health referral.

It was the first time he’d lived alone and the experience was both daunting and stressful, but he still showed himself to be a star tenant: he always paid his service charge on time and regularly took part in house activities.

However, because of his OCD on cleanliness and because he was sharing the accommodation with four other tenants, he would shower elsewhere and he found it hard to eat. Nacro gave him his own crockery, cooking utensils and saucepans, but he usually only ate cold food from the fridge in his room. At times this meant he wouldn’t eat for days.

After a while, Nacro moved him in to his own studio apartment. This did wonders for his mental health, and he no longer required as much support as he had had previously.

He took on driving lessons, passing first time and buying a car with his family’s help. He started to cook meals and now eats really well, regularly having three meals a day.

His academic career took off too: during his time with Nacro he was studying social care, and after finishing his college course he was accepted on multiple university courses to study mental health nursing, including King’s College London.

When David came to Nacro he had severe OCD and mental health issues. Now, he’s learned how to deal with the terrible things he’s been through and he’s living healthily and independently, well on his way to achieving his ambition of becoming a mental health nurse.