Sean is on the autism spectrum and finds social skills challenging. When he came to Nacro, he preferred not to be around people of his own age and struggled with home life, often demonstrating aggressive behaviour. He was a bright student who had achieved a good standard in all of his GCSEs, and was (and still is) a talented snooker player. His dream is to become a train driver.

He enrolled onto an Employability course at one of Nacro’s education centres, aiming to improve his social skills with people of his own age group and look at career options. At first, he did not understand the boundaries of social etiquette and, because of the way he behaved, students found him hard to work with and talk to.

Nacro, working in co-ordination with Sean’s family, discussed with him strategies to cope with his anxiety in difficult situations. As part of his Employability course, he worked in small groups of six to develop his social and work skills and he received one-to-one support throughout.

Sean slowly started improving and his attendance rate was much better than in his previous education. He asked for extra time in his Employability course and learned to understand and respect other points of view, even supporting other students when they were upset. His peers also started supporting him when he had questions or would need help.

Through our education services, Sean learned to control his anger and anxiety issues, relate more with others of his own age and, as a result, is starting to build a better relationship with his family.

He attended a taster day to work at the Co-op and impressed them so much that he’s been offered a four week training placement at a store near his house, although he still plans to be a train driver when he’s old enough.