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Times Educational Supplement interviews Nacro Education staff on teaching trauma-informed learners


Nacro Education staff were featured in an article by Sarah Simons about the safe havens that secure mental health units can provide for traumatised young people and what colleges can learn from their approach to educating learners in the Times Educational Supplement on 13 September.
Mark Welsh, Nacro’s Assistant Principal for Education and Training in Secure Settings, outlines the work we do with young people in the Wells Unit, which is part of the national secure forensic mental health service.

Clare Kirk, Head of Learner Services and Safeguarding, comments, “For us, it’s about looking at the trauma that young person may be experiencing. It’s not about letting young people get away with challenging behaviour but seeing it in terms of what they are going through and how it’s then addressed.”

Principal Lisa Capper was also interviewed in a further Times Educational Supplement podcast about our education services more generally. You can listen to it here.