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Nacro learners celebrate with football


To mark the end of a challenging school year, Nacro learners in Newcastle decided to organise a football game, with all welcome to play.

James, a construction student, was appointed as the group leader and he allocated tasks to his peers. After three weeks of preparation the learners had sourced a sponsor from Cramlington Town Juniors FC to provide participation medals and trophies. They also pulled together sign up forms, posters and completed the risk assessment.

On Thursday July 1st at 10am with the sun shining and with 15 young men, their tutor, and learners supporting from the side-line, the game began!

The game had great communication and commitment in every tackle. Learners supported and encouraged each other during each attack, and a competitive first half ended 1-1, followed by much-needed refreshments. The second half followed the same pattern of the first with both sides on the attack. There was end-to-end football goal scoring and both trying to hold on for the win. With the support and cheers from learners and staff on the sides, both teams pushed for a winner. With 2 minutes to go, Michael Patton scored to give his side a 4-3 win!

High fives and congratulations came at the end of the game, along with a lot of tired learners.

The presentation ensued and learners were presented with medals including a trophy for the winning side.

It was a pleasure to see them work hard and they are a credit to themselves and the centre.