Nacro welcomes Government response to Justice Committee Inquiry into treatment of young adults in the criminal justice system


Speaking of the report Nacro Chief Executive, Jacob Tas, said:
“We are pleased that the Government recognises that young adults up to the age of 25 have distinct needs to those of children and older adults in the criminal justice system and, therefore, the need for a tailored approach.

“In particular, we support the Government’s commitment to continue efforts to stem the flow of young adults entering the criminal justice system and receiving prison sentences. Nacro is committed to continued work with government, criminal justice agencies and young adults themselves to prevent offending in the first place and to reduce reoffending.

“We welcome commitment to implementing a new maturity screening tool for use in prisons and the community, helping commissioners target resources and interventions that are most effective for young adults. Nacro also welcomes the proposed review by the National Probation Service to establish what works best for young adults and, as members of the T2A alliance, will support important work in this area going forward.”

Read Nacro’s response to the inquiry here.

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