Nacro welcomes CentreForum report on prison education


CentreForum have published a report on prison education, assessing the standards of provision and making recommendations for its improvement.
Nacro’s Education Principal, Josh Coleman, and Head of Policy and Public Affairs, Sally Benton, contributed to the expert round table held at CentreForum in December 2015 and have been mentioned in the acknowledgements.

Sally Benton, Nacro’s Head of Policy and Public Affairs, said of the report:

“We welcome Centre Forum’s report. Access to quality education and training in prison is vital to successful rehabilitation. This in-depth look at how the current system is and isn’t working is part of on-going focus on improving education in prisons and connecting it to tangible work opportunities for people on release.

“Alongside the Sally Coates review into prison education and Charlie Taylor work on the youth justice system, this report builds momentum for change in prison systems that, if we get it right, will change lives and reduce crime.”