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A-dapt and Nacro have won a Webby Award in the Virtual & Remote Science & Education category. We teamed together to create a Soft Skills Interview Training programme, with our learners piloting the software. Interactive films show learners what to say in interviews and how to prepare. Learners then test the skills they have learnt in an AI based interview video simulator. It gives guidance on looking positive and paying attention, crucial to a successful interview.

Clare Kirk, Nacro Vice Principal, said: “We are absolutely thrilled to see the pioneering Adaptive-media AI virtual interview technology recognised at the 2022 Webby Awards. Nacro worked with A-dapt in 2021 to develop the technology and piloted it within our centres, supporting our learners to develop key employability skills to help them progress into the world of work. Through the development of soft skills, understanding their body language, facial expressions and mannerisms, learners developed online interview skills that could be applied in real life settings. This programme delivers outstanding support and value to our learners, helping them prepare for further education interviews and the job market.”