Nacro calls for fundamental review of filtering and the wider criminal records regime ahead of Supreme Court judgment


Nacro has long called for a fundamental review of the criminal records regime to make it clearer, fairer and more transparent. Criminal records present a significant barrier to many people trying to move on with their life – including finding employment and housing. There are 11 million people in the UK with a criminal record and it is critical that we reform the current arbitrary and complex system.
On 19 June, the Supreme Court will hear the government’s final appeal in defence of the existing filtering regime that affects the disclosure of criminal records on standard and enhanced DBS certificates. In response to this, we outline our position and suggested recommendations for the criminal records regime going forward.

We agree that the filtering system needs to change.

Issues of a lack of transparency are endemic across the entire system of criminal records disclosure. This needs to change.

We urge the government to initiate a fundamental review of the entire system of the disclosure of criminal records.

Read Nacro’s position statement on filtering and the criminal records regime