Justice Exchange Meeting with the Ministry of Justice | Nacro

Justice Exchange Meeting with the Ministry of Justice


Members of Nacro’s Justice Exchange have met with officials from the Ministry of Justice to discuss our recent briefing on Work and Wages in Prison.

The Justice Exchange is made up of people who have experience of the criminal justice system, have been through Nacro services, and have a desire to use their experiences to improve the justice system of others.

The Work & Wages briefing is the first briefing developed by the group for which they identified work in prison and prison wages as the focus.

We had really good discussions in the meeting with representatives from the Ministry of Justice who were keen to hear the experiences and views of the Justice Exchange members on how we can make the system work better.

In the briefing we recommend:

  • A real working day in prison mirroring a working day on the outside would give people purpose and prepare them for release. 
  • A review of pay so people can buy the things they need, keep in touch with family and friends and save for release.
  • A resettlement fund so people can save for release.

The full briefing can be read here.