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HMI Prison and Probation Youth Resettlement report


In response to the HMI Prison and Probation report, Nacro Chief Executive, Campbell Robb, said:
“When young people go into prison they are swept into a current they can feel powerless to escape, and, all too often when they leave, they’re not being given the best chance to lead a different life.

“We cannot afford for them to be held back by homelessness, a lack of mental health support, or a lack of access to training, education or employment support, as these are essential basics needed to help young people build a new life in their communities and with their families.

At Nacro, many of the young people we support experience multiple barriers, or have not been able to complete their school career. We work with local employers and partners to get young people out on license where possible, so that they gain practical work experience and skills to prepare for a brighter future. We see first-hand that with the right accommodation, educational and pastoral support, young people can overcome, progress their learning and skills and, ultimately, succeed.”

Read the report here.