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Nacro’s Resettlement Advice Service reopens on Monday 3 September, providing quality information, expert advice and advocacy support.

You will still be able to find answers to our most frequently asked questions and further advice on our website.

Enquirers who are unable to find the answer to their questions on our website, can now call us on 0207 840 6464.

The new Resettlement Advice Service will provide a number of specialist services including:

  • the UK’s only dedicated confidential helpline and online service providing expert advice and advocacy to serving prisoners, former prisoners and others facing severe barriers in various aspects of their lives as a result of their former offending.
  • expert advice, training and strategic support to employers, educational establishments and other organisations working with ex-offenders, including risk assessment support for organisations seeking to employ or admit individuals with a criminal record, and Work Programme Contractors seeking to place ex-offenders into sustainable employment.
  • a personalised research service, based on a unique national service level database which helps family professionals locate suitable housing, employment and other vital resettlement services for people leaving prison and relocating to different areas of the country.