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On Thursday 10th February, our women’s SWITCH service held an event to celebrate 11 years of helping women overcome health, social, financial, educational and housing challenges and build better futures for them and their families. There, we heard from women we’ve supported and staff members, who spoke about the importance of the service and the impact it’s had.

Lisa is one of our service users: “I was mentally, physically, emotionally and sexually abused by a man. I started using substances. My kids were taken away. I was screaming for help and SWITCH heard me. I got clean, a house, routine, my kids back. I’m proud to say I now work for them.”

Lisa’s 8 year old daughter has written two letters to SWITCH staff to thank them for the support they have given her mum:

Sue is one of our support workers: “I was dealing with someone that was angry, hurt, frustrated. Whilst my role is challenging, Lisa’s the one who’s done the hard graft. We never force our ladies, we encourage them. SWITCH help these women who feel the whole world is against them.”

We are thankful for our determined staff members and proud of all of our service uses who’ve overcome huge barriers!