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Nacro has published its response to the Riots, Communities and Victims Panel’s interim report. Speaking at a Nacro youth inclusion project in Manchester, Paul McDowell, Nacro’s chief executive, said:

‘The Riots Panel has raised a number of important issues which need to be addressed in order to ensure that we don’t see a repeat of the violence and disorder which we saw during the summer. We need to look carefully at the overuse of short-term prison sentences, the ways we challenge criminal behaviour, and the value of youth engagement projects which focus on delivering interventions that are targeted at those most at risk of offending.

‘The Riots Panel has done some very valuable work in reaching out to and engaging with those communities who were affected by rioting. I’m hopeful that this engagement will help the panel to develop long-lasting solutions to prevent disorder from happening again. We need to clarify sentencing guidelines for riot related offences, in order to ensure consistent, proportionate and effective sentencing. Tough community sentences must receive appropriate investment so that they can provide real alternatives to short term prison sentences. And we need a renewed focus on youth crime prevention projects in the areas with the highest crime rates.’

Nacro’s response to the interim report can be found here:

Nacro’s response to the Riots Panel interim report

Further information about the Riots, Communities and Victims Panel, and how to respond to their interim report can be found at: