Concerned about drinking too much? New advice service in Lincoln and top tips for responsible drinking


By Nacro

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Nacro, the social justice charity, has today (21 January) launched a free weekly drop-in advice service to help local people worried or affected by alcohol issues.

Running from Nacro’s offices in Melville Street, Lincoln, the service named ‘The Hub’ will offer free confidential advice and support.

Bridget Sheeran, Nacro support worker, said: “The Hub has been launched to help us reach out into the wider community. Anyone can pop in to speak to one of our outreach workers. Whether you need general advice on cutting down your alcohol intake, or you are concerned about a member of your family, we are here to offer you free confidential guidance and support.

“As well as offering free advice to help change your approach to alcohol, the service also offers one-to-one guidance from trained peer mentors, help with developing social networks and self-confidence, and advice and support with other life programmes.”

The free service will be open to the public every Thursday from 10am-1pm at Nacro’s offices in Melville Street, Lincoln.

Top tips for responsible drinking

1 – Drink water or soft drinks between alcoholic drinks to dilute the alcohol. Change your alcoholic drinks – make spirits into long drinks by topping up with more mixers, add soda water to white wine, or choose shandy rather than beer.

2 – Pace yourself. Slow down and take small sips not big gulps.

3 – Eat something before or during drinking. Food makes the body absorb alcohol more slowly. Make it a social occasion where food is the central theme to the occasion.

4 – Have several drink-free days a week. This will give your body a rest and allow it to recover.

5 – Keep your body hydrated. Try to consume a pint of water with half a tea spoon of salt. If unable to do this before bed consume this first thing in the morning.

6 – Ensure that you plan how you’re going to get home before your night out. Take a taxi or ask a non-drinking driver to collect you.