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Jacob Tas, Nacro’s new Chief Executive, was interviewed for a profile by Third Sector magazine this week.

In a wide-ranging interview, Jacob discusses Nacro’s current status within the current funding climate and the charity’s future: “The charity finances are OK. We made a small surplus last year…and will make a surplus this year again… There has been a lot of work to get Nacro in good shape, and I am joining at a time when it is ready to expand.”

Jacob also discusses the difference between the charity and the commercial sectors in terms of delivering services.

“In all my charity experience we have always delivered over and above the contracts because our basis is value, rather than a focus on shareholders,” he said. “When I worked in the commercial sector I aimed for more staff engagement, but in the third sector you find that the level of staff engagement is already very high. People want to focus on doing good work.”

You can read the full interview here.