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Responding to the announcement of a network of resettlement prisons, Paul McDowell, chief executive of Nacro and a former Governor of Brixton Prison said:

“Nacro welcomes today’s announcement that the prison estate will be reconfigured to focus on community resettlement.

“We are still sending too many people to prison when they could be better dealt with in the community – especially many of those serving short prison sentences. But putting communities at the heart of the criminal justice system through the development of resettlement prisons is a step in the right direction.

“We need to make sure that preparing offenders for their release begins at the earliest point of entry into custody. It is critically important to ensure that offenders are given appropriate support by someone in their own community. This is the best place for them to rebuild relationships with families, deal with drug or alcohol problems and get the help they need with mental health issues.

“By tackling these issues in local communities, we have a genuine opportunity to reduce reoffending and to prevent the creation of more victims of crime.”