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A new report on offender management published by Liz Calderbank, HM Chief Inspector of Probation, and Nick Hardwick, HM Chief Inspector of Prisons has said that “Work needed to address and change offenders’ attitudes and behaviour is not happening to any meaningful extent in many prisons.”

Responding to this report, Paul McDowell, said:

“It comes as no surprise to hear that more needs to be done to change offenders’ attitudes and behaviour in prison. For people on longer prison sentences, we need to ensure that they are all placed on appropriate programmes which tackle behaviour and attitudes.

“If we do not start to challenge the way offenders think when they are in prison then we will fail to rehabilitate. And you cannot change someone’s behaviour without this type of direct challenge. At the same time we need to address drug and alcohol addictions and mental health issues whilst also improving employability skills and addressing housing, debt and finance problems.

“As Nacro chief executive and ex-prison governor I know that tackling all of these problems at the same time is difficult and challenging but it is vital to reduce reoffending. We must ensure that resources are invested in these programmes, that they are coordinated, and that each offender is able to follow an effective sentence plan which addresses the reasons for people’s offending and follows through to their release.”

The full details of the joint inspectorate report can be found here.