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Young people and adults dealing with homelessness, alcohol and drugs, mental health and employment issues in Greater Manchester have created a spectacular multi-horticultural and multicultural garden for this year’s RHS Flower Show Tatton Park.

More than 30 people using Nacro’s services researched, designed, built and planted the garden for crime reduction charity Nacro’s entry to the show, which will be judged at 8.30am on Tuesday, July 19. Nacro Manchester’s garden represents the diverse and multicultural makeup of the charity and city.

The participants learnt an array of new skills involved with gardening and participated in various outdoor activities they had never done before. Nacro staff and services users will be on tenterhooks when the garden is judged in the morning.

A Nacro resident in Openshaw, Anthony Starkey, said: “I really enjoyed making the mosaic. I found it so interesting and it gave me motivation and something positive to focus on.”

The garden consists of several raised beds representing the different continents the plants, and Nacro’s service users come from. Exotic plants from all over the world enhanced Nacro’s landscape and a narrow pathway between the beds enables visitors to ‘travel round the world’. A sun, sky and cloud mosaic forms the garden’s backdrop.

Derek Nicol, another resident, said: “The mosaic making was brilliant, especially seeing how it all came together. It was also a good opportunity to do some team building and I enjoyed being a part of the experience.”

Joanne Mack, manager of Nacro’s submission to the show, said: “It was amazing to see so many service users come together across Manchester to help create our entry for the RHS flower show.

“Everyone worked really hard, came up with lots of ideas, got involved and excited by the project and were introduced to something they had never done before.

“The exotic plants from all around the world are indicative of how Manchester is enriched by people from different cultures, with many now so integrated into our landscape we have almost forgotten their origins.

“Come visit our garden and use the blue marble chip pathway to travel around the world with us.”

The plants in Nacro’s garden include Agapanthus and Osteospernums from Africa. From North and South America are Dahlia, Marigold, Liquidambar, Liatris, Sidalcea, and Fuchsia and from Asia are Hydrangeas, Bamboo, Acer and Stachys Byzantina. Lavender, Nepeta, Digitalis, Camomile, Acheillea come from Europe and Cordyline and Phorium are from Australia.

Nacro’s garden will be available for the public to see from 20 to 24 July, in Tatton Park, Knutsford, Cheshire.