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Responding to today’s announcement by Rt Hon Kenneth Clarke MP on victims and witnesses of crime, Paul McDowell, chief executive of Nacro has said:

“It is worrying that the government will now refuse to pay compensation to any victim of crime on the basis that they have an unspent conviction which resulted in either a custodial sentence or a community order.

“When a person has completed their sentence, it is right that they should be able to access the same entitlements as other citizens and this extends to their claim for compensation should they become a victim of crime.

“Excluding people will get in the way of our ability to help offenders move away from offending, at a time when efforts to reduce reoffending depend so much on successful reintegration back into their community.”

Nacro’s response to the consultation is here.

The government’s subsequent response, published 02/07/12, is here.