Joanne Drew, Director of Housing, comments on the Prime Minister, David Cameron's plans to invest in deprived housing estates


By Nacro

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Commenting on the Prime Minister’s plans to invest in developing deprived housing estates, Joanne Drew, Director of Housing at Nacro, said:

“We welcome the Prime Minister’s announcement to invest in developing deprived housing estates. Nacro led national thinking on ‘secured by design’ which was initiated by Lord Heseltine’s Safer Cities work in the 1980s. We know that safe, secure and affordable homes are crucial to creating spaces that are crime free and generate opportunity.”

“However, transformation on this scale cannot solely be left to developers. The benefits of regeneration should be realised by local people, with stake and responsibility in driving success. This can only be achieved if communities lead and shape design and by creating spaces that will truly transform local areas for the long-term. By doing this, regeneration will not only address physical environments and the quality of housing, it will design in positive behaviours and encourage a community of residents with connections and commitments to local areas. This is the design standard Nacro and partners pioneered.

“Designing out crime must protect the most vulnerable and maintain a secure supply of social housing. If the investment announced yesterday is not accompanied by progressive housing policy that reverses recent decisions on time-limited tenancies and funding of supported housing, then it will not achieve the laudable aims the Prime Minister set out yesterday. We need a joined up approach to regeneration, realising investment made today to create communities that prosper long after funding has been spent.”