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Welcome to this edition of the Nacro housing newsletter

At Nacro, we want to deliver services which are innovative and offer good value for money. Commissioners in different parts of the country recognise this and we have recently won contracts in Lincolnshire as a prime contractor supporting other local providers, and in West Berkshire, where we have developed our offer in line with changing demands. We are also a lead player in an innovative alliance-based commissioning model. At the heart of our service design approach is the involvement of service users.

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Joanne Drew, Director of Housing


Stockport joins integrated health and social care Alliance contract

For a number of years, Nacro has delivered a range of housing-related support services in Stockport, primarily focused on families and vulnerable young people. Stockport Council was faced with making drastic cutbacks in its budget and decided to replace existing grant-funded services with an innovative new contracting and delivery model for providing preventative services to people with a range of diverse needs. Working with the innovation charity Nesta, Stockport Council has created the first single integrated health and social care Alliance contract in the North West.

Nacro has been successful in tendering with other providers, in an alliance model of contracting, for a range of preventative services in Stockport. The Alliance, which includes providers such as Stockport Homes, Threshold Housing, Age UK, Relate, and local provider FLAG, has been awarded a three-year contract with a total value of £4.5 million.

This new approach places a greater focus on working with people and communities as assets, leading to a reduction in demand for health and social care services and improved outcomes for service users. The Targeted Prevention Service will have a flexible ‘person-centred’ approach, with a ‘no wrong door, no wrong contact’ philosophy and will engage with people in their communities, dealing with issues at source to avoid multiple referrals, duplication and escalation.

The service is targeted at a range of people including those with complex needs, older people and families. The key service aims to:

  1. Increase the number of people living independent lives in Stockport without support, or with minimum non-statutory support
  2. Create better access to services
  3. Reduce social isolation and improve community inclusion and engagement
  4. Build personal resilience

We are very excited about this innovative way of contracting and delivering services and the opportunity it gives us to work with a range of other organisations to deliver lasting outcomes for the people using these services. We also hope this win and the experience we gain from it will put us in a good place for future tendering opportunities.


Nacro Housing receives Matrix accreditation

Following the successful Matrix accreditation in other areas of Nacro, Housing was assessed in May 2015 and was awarded the Matrix accreditation. The accreditation has given Housing an opportunity to be recognised for its Information Advice and Guidance work and for our overall approach to delivering quality services.

The Process

In May 2015 a Matrix Assessor visited our services in London, Nottingham, Manchester, Stockport, Liverpool, Chester and Lincoln, to review the outcomes for the individuals we work with as well as our services. The visit allowed the assessor to witness the efforts of our staff first hand and to evaluate the effectiveness of processes used to support our delivery, including the impact on our service users.

As part of the evaluation, the Assessor spoke to over 75 individuals across the country, this included the Director of Housing, Heads of Housing, Housing Improvement Team, Community Voice Co-ordinator, Area Managers, Team Managers, Service Users and Partner Agencies.

We were assessed across four areas that fitted around the organisation’s and directorate’s business themes. These included:

  1. Leadership and Management– This reviewed the way in which the organisation and directorate is led and managed in order to develop an effective service.
  2. Resources– This assessed the assets invested and applied in delivering an effective service.
  3. Service Delivery– This evaluated the way in which the service is delivered.
  4. Continuous Quality Improvement– This assessed the way in which the service is reviewed and if performance improves as a result.

Benefits of the matrix standard:

  1. Having an external assessor provide us with feedback on our areas of strength and weakness is fundamental in the enhancement of our services; it provides us with assurance and confirms that we are on the right path.
  2. We will be confident that we deliver a quality assured service which is benchmarked by an international prestigious IAG standard.
  3. Allows for continuous improvement.

Housing expects to receive a full report outlining our strengths and identifying areas for improvement within the next 2-3 weeks.


Nacro residents complete Money Matters course

Nacro residents completed a 5-week course to improve their confidence in dealing with financial matters. The course, called Money Matters, was run by Bestwood Advice centre for our clients and was put in place to help young people gain a better understanding of the financial implications of independent living. The course covered in great depth subjects such as: dealing with debt, how to maximise your income, understanding the welfare system, how to budget and banking , borrowing and saving. All service users received a certificate to show they had completed the course.

Dequane, who had been with Nacro for almost a year, said of the course,: “I wasn’t sure at first when my support worker suggested that I take part. I remember thinking to myself, ‘I already know how to manage my money, and I do it pretty well, I doubt I’ll learn anything new!’ But I went along anyway and I am so glad I did. I learnt so much useful stuff; loads of little tips on saving money on every day living costs, how to make sure I’m getting the right benefits and what benefits I can get if I start work”.

Dequane went on to say, “I’m just about to start bidding for my own property so I should be moving out soon and this course couldn’t have come a better time to prepare me for that. It made me think about all the extras you don’t think about at first when you live at Nacro, things like budgeting for your water rates, TV license, saving money on your fuel bills etc. It was an excellent course.”


Shane’s story

Shane came to Nacro in September 2014 after being asked to leave his father’s house. He was 17 years old with no previous experience of living away from family. His mother passed away when he was 10 years old which led to him moving into his father’s house.

From his father’s house, Shane went to stay with a friend but also spent a night on the streets sleeping rough. Due to never having lived independently before, Shane has had to learn how to develop day-to-day living skills such as cooking, cleaning, managing money, as well as getting to know his responsibilities of his licence agreement, and getting to know the benefits system.

Since working with Nacro, Shane has become confident in his understanding of responsibilities, both in his accommodation and with benefits. He got himself onto an education course. Shane has been able to manage his accommodation well, but has had a steep learning curve with budgeting. He has managed to clear his arrears which has positioned him to be able to apply for the local housing association. Shane has now transferred from a shared flat, which had an all-inclusive service charge, to his own flat, which has no service charge but all bills are his own responsibility. Shane has managed to take up these responsibilities and is on track and doing well with maintaining good money and accommodation management.

Shane is now at the start of the move-on process and has ambitions to work and live financially comfortably.


Get in touch

Nacro’s housing services have a strong footprint across the country and we work at the heart of communities to ensure we meet local needs. If you or any of your team would like to find out more about what’s on offer in your area, we would be delighted to speak to you.

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