Some Q and As about the merger between Totton College and Nacro's education service in 2015.

On 18 June 2015, the Totton College Board voted in favour of the College joining Nacro Education in November 2015. Here we provide some information about this important change.

  • Nacro is a national charity, working across communities in England and Wales to deliver services that equip people with skills, advice and support they need to move forward in their lives. Our services include vocational education for fourteen to nineteen year olds, housing, health and resettlement programmes. We work with a range of different people from a number of backgrounds and have separate Directorates within Nacro responsible for different elements of the work we do. In our education division, the majority of people we work with do not have a criminal record and attend our centres due to our track record in delivering vocational education and opening up employment opportunities.
  • Our education provision is a distinct part of the work we do. We currently have more than 3,000 students in around 30 education centres. You can find out more about our education service here.
  • Nacro is committed to combining the expertise of our education team and college staff to turn Totton into a centre of excellence for vocational education. We are determined that Totton is the college of choice for local people seeking the skills and training to further their learning and careers.

Below, we have set out answers to some of the key questions and concerns expressed by local people in recent days. We understand that you may have further questions and will continue to update this page with further information. If you have any further questions please do contact us on

In addition, we will be holding regular question and answer events at the college and in the community. We will up date you on the dates for these events in due course and we look forward to meeting with you and working with you in the future.

Questions and answers

Q: What is your vision for the College?

A: Our aim is to make Totton the number one vocational College in the area – serving the needs of the local community.

Our priority is to make sure that the courses we offer are of a high standard. We want our students to be confident that when they finish their course, they will either have the skills to enter employment, further their careers or go on to do further training or study.

Q: Will Totton College keep its name?

A: Yes. There have been no plans to change the name of the College.

Q: What courses are being provided this academic year and in coming years?

A: All the vocational courses offered in the College’s 2015/16 Prospectus were offered from September and continued throughout the academic year.
Since then, our aim has been to offer courses that meet the needs of the local community. Totton College remains a community college providing local vocational courses that enable people to further their education, gain employment and develop skills whilst in work.

Q: Will there be offenders and ex-offenders in the college?

A: There will be no difference in the people who attend the College. Totton College will remain a community college with local students attending.

We will not be bringing offenders or ex-offenders from prison or other connected services to the College. Our role in taking on the education provision of Totton is based our continued success in delivering high quality education in local communities – with specific experience in vocational training and education.

Q: What will happen to the quality and education at the college?

A: Our aim is to bring Totton in line with Nacro’s Ofsted rating by providing vocational education that connects young people to work opportunities in the local area and is focused on quality teaching in the classroom.

We have a team of dedicated and expert staff who ensure that Nacro education is delivered to the highest quality and continually improves. Our ethos is to support staff to achieve high standards in their work. Working with College leaders, Nacro’s national education team will combine its expertise and experience to support staff to build a centre of excellence for vocational education in Totton.

Q: Why do you think you can make Totton College a success?

A: We don’t expect to compete with the other colleges that offer more traditional routes in education. Our aim is to make the college a centre of excellence for vocational training.

We are experienced in turning around inadequate provision, supporting staff and students to succeed whilst engaging with local employers to secure opportunities after students have completed courses. Totton College has excellent links to the community. We are harnessing this to attract students to the quality vocational education and skills development we will offer. We are confident we can achieve this and are absolutely committed to making Totton College a success.