Do British Citizens need a visa for China?

British passport holders visiting mainland China for whatever reason must hold a valid Chinese visa. From 10th December 2018, the Chinese Embassy has introduced a new website to streamline and improve efficiency for online visa applications and appointments. You must apply for your visa via

Does the application form ask about criminal records?

Yes. Section 8, question 8.4, the application form asks:

‘Do you have any criminal record in China or in any other country? Yes/No’

If ‘yes’ you must then provide details.

If I disclose my criminal record, will I get a visa?

It is unknown if disclosing a criminal record will prevent you from obtaining a visa. The Chinese Embassy has said that disclosure of a record will not necessarily stop an applicant from getting a visa.

This should be interpreted as; every applicant who chooses to disclose a criminal record will be treated on a case by case basis.