Chrystal came to the Nacro Housing Support Programme in Nottingham after being excluded from her parental home due to ongoing arguments and tension between Chrystal and her mother. The resettlement support scheme helps young people in the city until they are ready to be rehoused and provides them with the support they need to become independent. When Chrystal moved into Nacro’s housing, she was very upset about the poor relationship she had with her mother and found it hard to deal with.

During Chrystal’s time with Nacro she has made great progress. When asked about how Nacro has helped her, Chrystal says, ‘I’ve learnt to be independent, how to look after myself and live in the real world. I can now manage my own money… and have learnt more about myself. My relationship with my mum has improved a lot. My support sessions helped with this – talking to the support workers about it put it all into reality. It made me realise that even though we’d fallen out and weren’t speaking, she was still my Mum. I now feel a lot happier and more positive.’

Chrystal has also learnt a lot through the work she’s got involved in within Nacro – becoming a young person’s representative, sitting in on service user advisory panel meetings in Nottingham and representing Nottingham on the Service User Council at Nacro’s head office in London. She says, ‘It’s good to see how things are done… and I can give feedback to Nacro from other service users. I would like to follow this up with becoming a Nacro young person’s mentor by being part of the buddy scheme for other young people when they move into Nacro.’

When asked about her goals and ambitions for the future, she said: ‘I will be turning 18 very soon, I will be eligible for re-housing via the local council and will be moving onto my first independent tenancy. I am excited and happy about this, although it is a bit scary, but I know I’ll be OK because Nacro has helped me to become independent so I can live on my own. I would like to settle into my own flat, finish my A levels and then focus on continuing my education at university to study fashion photography.’

Chrystal successfully completed the Nacro Housing Support programme and moved on to her own independent tenancy with the local authority earlier this year.