Before I came to Nacro Bracknell, I had started a college course somewhere else. I was there for a few weeks but didn’t enjoy it, the course wasn’t what I thought it would be, and I didn’t like the teachers. So I left and was neither in college nor work for a month. I ended up going to Connexions all the time, with my parents having a go at me because I had nothing to do. I then got a leaflet through the door advertising Nacro and my mum suggested I should give it a go. At first I thought it was a joke as I couldn’t picture myself doing construction.

I did end up doing a Nacro construction course in the end with a bit of persuasion. I had an interview with Mark from Nacro who runs the construction course. I got on with him really well, met the other teachers and they all gave me the help I needed. I learnt about plumbing, tiling and carpentry and have also done volunteering, painting and decorating. Everything I have done here has given me a lot of confidence – I have learnt to do a lot more than I ever believed I could and it is all really useful to know. I absolutely loved doing the course as it was fun to come to – not like school or college at all.

I have now finished my course and have started an apprenticeship with Nacro Bracknell doing facility management. This means looking after the building, doing regular fire checks and making sure everything runs smoothly, as well as contacting outside organisations to help.

NOTE – Nacro Bracknell ceased operations in 2017.