A letter from a satisfied parent whose son attended Nacro, Brighton

Dear Amber

I am Richard’s mother and felt I had to write and express how delighted I am at Richard’s progress and achievements while studying with you at Nacro Brighton. Nacro and your staff have been instrumental in helping Richard to turn his life around, move away from destructive behaviour and enabling him to believe in himself again…

Richard has achieved all targets set and numerous relevant qualifications…something that did not happen while he was in mainstream education and something that he has struggled with for many years. His progress, not only educationally but also socially and emotionally whilst with your team, has helped him to feel that he is valuable and can make a positive contribution in life.

The experience of being acknowledged and accepted as a worthwhile, valuable and capable human being and member of society in spite of whatever negative and destructive circumstances may have gone before is priceless and, in my opinion, what every young person, in fact all people, deserve in their lives.