As told by Ian Balshaw, catering trainer, Nacro Sheffield.

When Katie first came to Nacro Sheffield she had severe confidence issues and had never really interacted with the types of students that we have on our programmes. This led to Katie wanting to quit several times in her first few weeks. By working closely with Katie at Nacro, we managed to convince her to stay on and work with us.

Katie had very few cooking skills and wanted to improve them in any way she could, so we started her off with the basics to try building her confidence.

When the time came to put Katie out on placement, the Showroom was the perfect solution as the chefs there are very patient and understanding. Katie spent two days a week on placement, this time was invaluable to her and her confidence levels continued to rise. The more time Katie spent on placement, the more confident she became and we could see her passion and love for cooking increasing every day.

Towards the end of her programme Katie decided that she was dead set on a career in catering and has just secured herself a job in an up and coming pub which is in the process of setting up its kitchen and starting to serve food.