After years of repeat offending, drug use and gambling, Simon was able to get his life back on track with Nacro Housing.

For nearly 15 years Simon had been in and out of prison and on and off curfew and electronic tag.

Many members of Simon’s family had been repeat offenders, and he’d struggled to get away from people who were a negative influence on his behaviour, in part because he felt a strong sense of loyalty towards them.

When he moved into Nacro Housing in July it was a low point for him – he was feeling down and had a bleak outlook on his future.

Nacro staff supported him, helping him get his physical as well as mental health treated for the first time in years. He saw a GP, got dental treatment, went on anti-depressants, and finally went back to sorting out a degenerative condition he’d been ignoring for a while.

He self-imposed restrictions on his gambling, and as time went on he started to feel more confident and positive.

By April the following year, Simon had made excellent progress. He was no longer on probation and was now allowed to have unsupervised visits with his son.

By September, 14 months after he’d come to Nacro, it had been the longest Simon had ever gone without offending.

Thanks to Nacro, Simon was ready to move into his own accommodation and was feeling positive about the future.