We are an equal opportunities employer and we work hard to ensure all aspects of our work have a positive social impact. We were one of the original companies that signed up to the Ban the Box campaign which aims to provide opportunities to people with convictions who want to put their past behind them and we have amended our policies and processes to enable us to give people a second chance. Unfortunately, doing so hasn’t always been as smooth as we would have liked. We tried to provide a job for a young man who had recently been released from prison, but his licence conditions meant that he would not have been able to take up the position. We were extremely grateful for Nacro’s expert support. They liaised with probation and the licence conditions were eventually amended to allow the individual to start work with us.

I would encourage organisations looking to provide opportunities to people with convictions to contact Nacro’s Employer Advice Service for support with navigating any potential pitfalls they might face.